We’ve been providing the Lowcountry with quality swimming pool service for over 15 years.

Low Cost Residential & Commercial Service

At Lowcountry Pool House we are dedicated to excellence in Pool Maintenance & Service.

What should you expect from your new pool service?

  • Your swimming pools longevity will increase.
  • Servicing your pool equipment properly will decrease wear and tear and save on costly repairs later.
  • Your pool service technicians focus on chemistry will ensure a quality safe swimming experience.

Why spend time worrying about the cleanliness and condition of your swimming pool, spa, or hot tub when you could be enjoying it instead. Call today to receive your first month free with a signed pool maintenance agreement. This is not a contract, it simply outlines the services we offer.

We provide professional service and maintenance of your swimming pool and spa, allowing you to have more quality time enjoying your pool with your family & friends. No more worrying about water conditions, chemical balance, dirty skimmer baskets and debris in your pool ensures you peace of mind all year long.

Highly Trained & Skilled Professionals

  • All of our swimming pool service technicians are DHEC Certified Pool Operators & are trained by the APSP in pool & spa water chemistry and filtration systems.
  • Our pool service professionals are also trained by the chemical companies on the proper use of the products that we sell and use.
  • We provide Residential & Commercial Swimming Pool Service at a reasonable cost. Call us or use the form to the right for a on site estimate.

You may download our Rental and Residential pool maintenance agreements to see the outlined services we offer.

If you have an questions, or are interested in any of our Services & Products, please contact us at 843-886-8988
or fax us at 843-886-8992, email us at info@lowcountrycustompoolandspa.com, or feel free to use our contact form.