Once you have a pool, you want to keep it healthy and maintained. Yet, odds are, you just don’t have the time to do this yourself. From balancing the pH levels and the chlorine needed, to fishing out debris, leaves, and bugs that find their way into your pool, you’d rather be spending your time swimming rather than cleaning.

At Lowcountry Custom Pool & Spa in Mount Pleasant, our highly-trained and skilled professional pool technicians can have your pool pristine in no time.

  • Our Pool and Service Technicians receive extensive training through APSP (Association Pool and Spa Professionals).
  • Our pool service professionals are also trained by the chemical companies on the proper use of the products that we sell and use.
  • We provide Residential Swimming Pool Service at a reasonable cost. Call us or use the form to the right for an on-site estimate.

Swimming pool maintenance offers even more benefits:

Peace of Mind

You will no longer have to worry about if your pool has bad guys growing in it due to improper chemical uses. Our top-notch pool maintenance technicians will ensure your pool is ready for use when you are.

Professional Cleanings

Let the pool experts who understand the exact needs and parts of your pool do all of your swimming pool cleaning. From brushing the pool walls and cover to vacuuming and skimming the surface, your pool cleaning service will have your pool ready for your next party all the time.

Saves You Time & Money

Experts agree that it’s best to spend your precious time at what you are good at, that is, performing your strengths. You outsource the rest. The logic is here you will maximize your time doing your forte than struggling doing someone else’s. Hire Lowcountry’s professional pool cleaners who can clean and service your pool faster than you can. You will also save money in the time you lose trying to DIY your pool cleaning.