SeaKlear designs solutions to protect people, preserve the planet and celebrate our most valuable resource: water.

HaloSource is a recognized worldwide leader in clean water and antimicrobial technology and a creator of cutting-edge solutions that benefit people and the planet.

Founded in 2002 in Seattle, Washington, HaloSource has grown to become an influential global innovator with offices and processing plants all over the world, including Bangalore, India and China.

Our industry-leading, earth-conscious solutions focus on two core technologies; N-halamines and Chitosan: N-halamines harness the power of chlorine and bromine for our drinking water (HaloPure) and textile disinfecting (HaloShield) solutions.

Chitosan binds with pollutants and other water impurities for our pool and hot tub (SeaKlear) and environmental (HaloKlear) solutions.

We are partnering with top companies and thought leaders across the globe to make water better.

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