Once you have a beautiful swimming pool installed at your home, you probably are constantly using it. After all, when the weather warms, who doesn’t like a good dip in the pool after a long, hard day at work? Plus, if you have kids, then your home will be the cool home to hang out at so the neighborhood kids can swim, too. However, all pools need maintenance, cleaning, and repair in order to remain in tip-top shape.

Lowcountry Custom Pool & Spa offers the best pool repairs in Mount Pleasant. We can repair leaks, replaster or refinish your pool, service your pool heat pump, and get your hot tub heating again. Our expert pool repair technicians have years of experience and training in getting our customers’ pool up and running again. Below, we’ll take a look at some common pool repairs you may need. Call our pool repair company for a free estimate today!


Pool Heater

Of all of the pool maintenance issues you will most likely notice first and want to get fixed promptly is your pool’s heater. Your pool’s heater is responsible for heating your pool’s water to the right temperature, keeping your pool pleasant all year long.

Pool Leak

You may also notice a pool leak since you may see the level of your swimming pool drop continually until you get this pesky pool problem fixed. Further, leaving a slow leak can turn into a major leak causing even more damage, if not repaired promptly.